Notable Career Highlights


Disrupted industry model with B2C website that sold over 6,000 sunroom kits online.

Entrepreneurial leader and marketing operations specialist that increased company revenue 5X with a disruptive industry website and custom product configurator. 


Redesigned & Simplified Energy Rating Label

Simplified confusing in-store consumer  label with clear,  easy-to-read design with climate map & QR code for additional details.


Designed custom e-commerce platform with 3D renderings and integrated CRM.

Developed, managed, and built custom integrated CRM and e-commerce platform with 3D renderings by coordinating synergies between cross-functional operational teams of sales, marketing, and overseas IT.


Award Winning Content & Customer Service

Led company to win the BBB Golden Torch award and recipient of A+ rating for customer satisfaction of sunroom installation projects that also resulted in over 500 positive online reviews and testimonials.


Turned around "turnstile" business model with new product lines.

Turned around “turnstile” business operations and marketing with a new branding strategy, marketing technologies, re-positioning of product lines, and by establishing exclusive partnership with a European supplier.


Product Manager that successfully launched 3 generations of products and accessories.

Product manager that successfully launched 3 generations of products lines among cross-functional teams of marketing, designers, raw material vendors, finished goods suppliers, and manufacturers.


President of the National Sunroom Association and successful code lobbyist.

Obtained passage and adoption of favorable industry code legislation into the National Building Codes (ICC-ES) thru fierce lobbying efforts while serving as President of the National Sunroom Association.